Contribution: Brand Implementation, Environmental Design, Way-finding Design, Fabrication Design Intents, Partnered with Fabrication, Lighting, and Paint Vendor, Organized Field Installation
First Reliance Bank's Learning Center was the primary location for new hire orientation. It was the first impression many new employees had of the bank's corporate culture and values.
The Learning Center, with its beige walls and absence of branding or artwork, felt impersonal and uninspiring. Moreover, there was a significant constraint: a very limited budget. This budgetary limitation posed challenges in sourcing materials and hiring vendors, making the transformation even more daunting.​​​​​​
Design Vision: To transform the Learning Center into a vibrant and welcoming space that not only reflected First Reliance Bank's brand identity but also created an environment conducive to learning and integration. Working with a tight budget meant every decision had to be both cost-effective and impactful.
Steps Taken:
Plan Creation
Developed a detailed plan outlining the vision, objectives, and steps for the Learning Center's transformation. This plan emphasized the balance between cost-effectiveness and impactful design.

Executive Presentation
Crafted a compelling presentation that showcased d
esign mock-ups, budget breakdown, and value proposition. Presentation highlighted the long-term benefits of the transformation, such as improved employee morale, enhanced brand perception, and the potential for increased employee retention.
Color Palette Revamp
Introduced the bank's brand colors to the walls, replacing the monotonous beige with shades that resonated with the bank's identity, a budget-friendly solution to bringing life to the space.
Artwork Integration
Curated a selection of artwork that reflected the bank's values, history, and commitment to its customers and community. These pieces added depth and character to the space.
Brand Graphic Signage
Designed and installed brand graphic signage that highlighted the bank's mission, vision, and core values. This not only beautified the space but also constantly reminded new hires of the bank's ethos.
Vendor Coordination
Collaborated with external vendors for various tasks, including:

Signage Fabrication: Worked with Tyson Signs to ensure the brand graphics were produced to the highest quality.
Painting: Hired local professional painters to bring the new color palette to life.
Lighting: Engaged lighting experts to enhance the ambiance of the room, ensuring it was both functional for learning and warm for welcoming.
Artwork Fabrication: Partnered fabricator to produce custom artwork pieces on affordable aluminum that resonated with the bank's brand story.

The transformation of the Learning Center was a resounding success. The once bland and uninspiring room was now a vibrant space that perfectly encapsulated First Reliance Bank's brand identity.
Enhanced First Impressions
New hires now entered a room that was reflective of the bank's commitment to excellence, innovation, and its employees.
Increased Engagement
The revamped space fostered a more engaging orientation experience. New employees reported feeling more connected to the bank's culture and values from day one.
Budget and Timeline Adherence
Despite the constraints, the project was completed on budget and on time, showcasing efficient project management and resourceful execution.

Positive Feedback
Both senior management and new hires praised the transformation, noting that the Learning Center had become a source of pride for the bank.
In conclusion, the facelift of the Learning Center not only enhanced its aesthetics but also played a pivotal role in strengthening the bond between new hires and First Reliance Bank. The project showcased the power of design in shaping perceptions and experiences.
ESD: Lighting, Vinyl
Tyson Sign Company: Fabrication

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