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Currently I am a graphic design intern for First Reliance Bank. the bank has 7 branches and I'm the only graphic designer. I work within the marketing department which is technically me and my boss. So a lot of things get outsourced to vendors, but I handle a lot. I have learned a lot from this expereience, from learning my place in a formal office environment to handling a company's social media, to branding. I do small ads and send them to the papers or magazines running them. I do a lot of social media graphics and post them to our channels.
Because there is one of me and many, many projects, my timeline to work on things is short. When I first started, I felt rushed and I didn't put out my very best work, but I have grown a lot in the past year. It's amazing how far I've come, when I thought I was already a good designer before taking this internship. I now realize I am never going to get to a point where I am the best I can be. There is always room to grow and boy am I excited for the places I will go next May upon graduation.

Right now I'm a decent web designer, in that I can code HTML and CSS. I know enough JavaScript to implement and edit open source code to achieve the goal. I really want to learn more about UX and UI design as well as web design from a mentor. Also, motion graphics is a really cool area for designers so that would be an area I'd like to explore. These are areas of graphic design that my university does not delve in to and areas that I haven't spent time on myself. An internship opportunity for these areas would be fantastic.


Graphic Designer, Intern - First Reliance Bank, Nov. 2016 to Present
At First Reliance Bank I am continuing to learn about corporate branding and image, as well as marketing campaigns, advertising, and social media.
Some projects I’ve worked on:
      - Environment branding for new branches
      - Redesign of brochures for bank account programs
      - Billboard design
      - Brand guidelines

Graphic Designer, Freelance - Florence, SC, Jan. 2012 to Present
As a freelance graphic designer, I design logos, flyers, t-shirts, menus, brochures, and business cards for clients. These clients range from professional to friends, but all my clients are treated with high respect and are given my best design work.

Graphic Designer, Intern - Design Practice Studio, Jan. 2016 to Jan. 2017
Design Practice Studio is a professor directed, student implemented visual communications studio, as part of the Visual Communications concentration in the Department of Fine Arts at Francis Marion University. The students volunteer to work on real world projects for actual clients outside of their regular class schedule, therefore gaining experience not normally available.

Graphic Designer - Winthrop University Center for Career and Civic Engagement, April 2012 to April 2013
I created flyer, ad, and brochure designs for special Winthrop University events. While designing, I worked closely with clients to help realize their goals and final design. In this role I designed, sent to the printer, and travelled around campus to post the material.


As far as operating systems go, I grew up using macOS, I am also preficient in Windows XP and 7. Windows 10 slows me down, but I can get the job done.
As a graphic designer, I'm well versed in the big three of our field: Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. I can use Dreamweaver, but I prefer a stripped down text editor like Brackets.
I work well on a team, I actually prefer it. Throwing around ideas and being able to critique each other's work is important. That said, I value working alone at times to develope my own ideas.


I grew up with a VHS player and a small TV with only the Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition (1997) to watch and I loved it. I constanly watch those movies. We eventually got satelite TV, but I really prefered watching Star Wars. Empire was and still is my favorite film. The best thing that happened to the Star Wars franchise was the purchase by the Walt Disney Company. The revitalization of Star Wars with more films, more TV shows, and more in-park experiences has made my childhood dreams come true.
I love going to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando. I'm obessed with learning about the history of theme parks and how they are changing the way people experience films and other properties. Hearing Imagineer Jason Grandt's story was what inspired me to follow my graphic design passion.
Aside from my theme park obession, I love to watch films and TV shows, play Magic The Gathering, see what other designers are up to on social media, and I love spending time with my finacee. The music I listen to changes from day to day, but I have my constants. The Beatles is my favorite band and I will always listen to any of their songs. I also love any piece by John Williams. I will listen to just about any music except country. I really don't dig it, though there are exceptions.
Basically, I'm a nerdy guy who loves Disney and relaxation.


Produce Associate - Bi-Lo Grocery Store, Aug. 2013 to Nov. 2016
I gained valuable workplace and social skills, from team collaboration to engaging customer interactions. My main duty and goal is stocking and rotating produce to maximize freshness, availability, and profit. Along with this, I answer questions concerning produce and floral to increase customer service and loyalty. For a period of six months I was acting Assistant Mangager and upheld the duties of this role until we hired a full-timer.

Lab Instructor - Winthrop University, Jan. 2013 to June 2014
I taught a variety of introductory courses to freshmen students including: MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and DreamWeaver


Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design
Francis Marion University
Expected Graduation is May 2018

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